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SKATE!!! Fire 100

What is "SKATE!!! Fire 100" ? 

"SKATE!!! Fire 100" is a webtoon created, written, and drawn by two illustrators Stephanie Evangelista and Daigo Fukuda. The story was born from the creators passion for both comics and longboarding in bustling New York City. The story follows a group of teenager skaters, known as the Fire 100 squad, trying to protect their town from a volcano erupting. Stephanie is the  penciler and colorist, while Daigo is the inker, thumbnail and layout artist. 

Is a webtoon different from a webcomic? 

Yes! Both are comics you read on the web, however, a webtoon takes advantage of a scrolling vertical format. Example images next to this paragraph. It's pretty unique and makes it especially enjoyable to read on a mobile device. 

Where can I read it? 

Right now it's available for free on webtoons.com! 

Images from Episode 1 and 2 of SKATE!!! Fire 100.

Image from Episode 3 of SKATE!!! Fire 100.

Promo Piece of Fire 100 eating takoyaki.